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RE/MAX Commercial Brokers, Inc. offers a comprehensive program that produces results in our current competitive real estate market.

Unlike conventional real estate companies, our agent and broker associates are truly in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

At most typical real estate companies, when the agent earns a commission, it is split between the agent and the house. At RE/MAX Commercial Brokers, Inc. when an agent earns a commission, they receive the proceeds. In return, they make an investment with RE/MAX every month. This allows the experienced agent the ability to decide how their business should run.

Just like your business, the agent must be profitable. This ensures our agents are qualified, experienced and productive, and committed to their profession. Personal decisions are make individually and company decisions are make as a team.

In addition, RE/MAX Commercial Brokers, Inc. is now offering an entry level position with a commission split that is determined by the broker and agent.

Please contact our broker for more details.